The parent company of the Cadillac automobile is the general motors and has its headquarters in the USA. This automobile is well known for producing innovative and bold range of vehicles which are appealing to those who want elegance and class on their side. This automobile has produced a wide range of vehicles to suit different people in their varied needs as well. This time, the automobile brings the 2016 Cadillac ELR Coupe into the market. This is a vehicle whose design and model is unique and good looking.

This model consumes less fuel and thus it is more economical when one drives on this model of the Cadillac. The new one is an upgrade on its predecessor which is the 2014 model since there is no one for 2015. It comes with suspension settings which are sportier and the technology has also been upgraded to make it easier for the driver when handling the vehicle.

Front and rear parking sensors

These are among the latest technologies that are being installed in vehicles in order to make their handling easy. These sensors are very crucial when one is parking their vehicle. with the 2016 Cadillac ELR Coupe, one can be able to park with ease since the sensors will be able to guide you until the vehicle is parked. The sensors are also useful in roads when one is driving.

Forward collision warning system

This is a system which is installed in the vehicle in order to enhance the safety of the driver as well as that of the car on the road. When one is about to hit anything that is ahead of the vehicle, the warning system will alert the driver in order to avoid hitting the object ahead.

Wireless charging capability

The new model has the capability of having the battery charged wirelessly for the ELR’s battery pack.

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